Heatermate with Timer Plug-in Thermostat (Electric Temperature Controller)

type: Plug
Vendor: cleverhome


Great for the garage, or rooms when you're sleeping.

This version includes a week and weekend programmable timer (up to six settings a day). Never go to bed cold because you forgot to turn your Heatermate on.

Reduce your electric bill per heater by up to $30 a month using a plug-in thermostat.

Keep children safe, healthy and comfortable by keeping bedrooms at a constant temperature.

The asthma foundation recommends use of a thermostat. This ensures bedrooms are kept constant at around 20 degrees. Both too cold and too warm are triggers for asthma, as well as temperature change. Heatermate keeps your bedrooms at the correct constant temperature, reducing triggers for asthma.

Recommended on Fair Go - see 3:30 into this tips and tricks for heating your home video.

Stop awkwardly turning off and on fan heaters and radiant heaters manually.

Save money by getting better value from heaters you already own.

Heatermate works by detecting the temperature of your room. Heatermate then automatically turns on or off your existing electric heater. This keeps your room at a comfortable temperature, and saves you money by stopping overheating.

Heaters with built in thermostats always turn off too early. This leaves the rest of the room too cold. Heatermate solves this problem by moving the temperature sensor away from the heater, giving a true reading of the room temperature. This keeps you nice and warm, while still saving electricity.

Most people are comfortable at 21 degrees, yet when using an electric heater rooms often get to 25 or even 28 degrees. That is money you are throwing away today.

Heatermate pays for itself in as little as six weeks, when used overnight like a child’s bedroom.

Heatermate is great for University Students and Rental properties. Saves money on the bills and stops arguments about which flatmate is using too much power.