cleverplug - Digital Humidity Controller

type: Plug
Vendor: cleverhome


You know when you've left the dehumidifier on and you walk in the room.
It's bone dry, your mouth dries out and your skin gets itchy.

That's because your dehumidifier is working over time, drying out your room.
It costs you money, and makes your room uncomfortable.

You still need to run the dehumidifier to prevent crying windows and mould build up though. A dry home is a warm home is a happy home.

The cleverplug Plug-in Humidity Controller solves this problem.
Set the humidity you want the room at, plug in your dehumidifier on full, and the cleverplug turns on and off the dehumidifier as required - keeping your room at a constant comfortable humidity level.

It's accurate to within 5%, incredibly easy to setup, and just plugs into the wall.

It's recommended to keep room humidity between 35 and 45%. Set the humidity to 40, and away you go. Other than emptying the water you'll never need to look at your dehumidifier again. And you'll save money on your power bills.