iFever Smart Thermometer for under 5's

Vendor: cleverhome


It's hard when your little one gets a cold. You give them some paracetomol, they go to sleep. A little while later you pop in to check on them, and they feel hot again.

Now what?

Now instead of waking them up to take their temperature, just check your phone. iFever will keep monitoring baby's temperature giving you the confidence to let them sleep.

Daniels Story

Honestly, this product has made a huge difference for me and my kids.

Earlier this winter my 3 year old got a cold, and a little bit of a fever. It wasn't too bad but needed keeping an eye on. I put on the iFever, and connected it to my phone. Then she went to bed. About 45 minutes later my phone alarm went off - her temperature had hit 37.2 degrees. I went in and checked, and she was still sleeping soundly.

10 minutes later my alarm went off again. this time she'd hit 38 degrees - hot enough to be dangerous! I woke her up, gave her some paracetamol, and kept an eye until her temperature went down.

It was scary for a bit, but thanks to iFever I knew she would be fine, and that I could put her back down to bed.

Get peace of mind by setting an alarm. If baby's temperature gets too high, your phone will get a notification, and you can take action.

When you visit the doctor you will be able to show how your little one has been doing, and how their temperature has changed over time. More information, makes for a more accurate diagnosis.

It's easy to put on, the soft antibacterial strap goes around the upper shoulder, with the temperature sensor under the armpit. Soft and comfortable enough baby will sleep with it on.

Things you need to know:

  • Works with Android and Apple phones
  • Range is about 10 meters. Might be a bit less through walls
  • Arm band will suit kids up to about 5 years