Rugged Wireless Speaker - Perfect for kids.

Sold out.

type: Speaker
Vendor: MPow


Are your kids always asking for the phone to play music? Always taking over the stereo, or turning on the TV?

We've done our research and our kids say "I want music everywhere!".

But you know what - Phones are expensive. Speakers are expensive. Kids are destructive.

That's why we love the MPow Rugged Armour bluetooth speaker.

It's rugged - we've dropped it down a flight of stairs onto concrete - still works.

It's water resistant - been outside during a water fight, and still works.

Battery lasts for ages - 8 hours or so, for lots of music.

It can even get sandy - (not recommended), but ours has been in the sandpit.

Most important though is range! When the speaker is outside you don't want your phone out there with it. With 10 meter range you can leave your phone safe inside and the kids can take music where ever they want.

It even has a secret - in an emergency you can use it to charge up your phone!

This is the speaker for your family, rugged, cheerful and it keeps working.